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MAX3232CPE True RS-232 Transceivers DIP-16 Manufacturer: MAXIM 1~10: £1.6
RS232 Data sheet: Download 11~100: £0.95
Package: DIP-16 Value: MAX3232CPE Up to 1000: £0.9
Order code: QCI-01891    
Part no: MAX3232CPE Availability :  Qty: Quantity(1~): 

MAX232EEPE Protected RS-232 Transceivers DIP-16 Manufacturer: MAXIM 1~10: £1.62
RS232 Data sheet: Download 11~100: £1.0
Package: DIP-16 Value: MAX232EEPE Up to 1000: £0.91
Order code: QCI-01893    
Part no: MAX232EEPE Availability :  Qty: Quantity(1~): 

MAX238CWG RS-232 Drivers/Receivers SOIC-24 Manufacturer: MAXIM 1~10: £2.384
RS232 Data sheet: Download 11~100: £1.443
Package: SOIC-24 Value: MAX238CWG Up to 1000: £1.368
Order code: QCI-01873    
Part no: MAX238CWG Availability : 50 Qty: Quantity(1~50): 

ST16C554DIQ64TR-F Quad Uart With 16-Byte Fifos,TQFP-64 Manufacturer: EXAR 1~10: £4.105
RS232 Data sheet: Download 11~100: £2.790
Package: TQFP-64 Value: ST16C554DIQ64TR-F Up to 1000: £2.594
Order code: QCI-02086    
Part no: ST16C554DIQ64TR-F Availability :  Qty: Quantity(1~): 

ST16C554DIQ64-F 2.97V TO 5.5V Quad Uart With16-Byte Fifo TQFP-64 Manufacturer: EXAR 1~10: £4.164
RS232 Data sheet: Download 11~100: £2.830
Package: TQFP-64 Value: ST16C554DIQ64-F Up to 1000: £2.630
Order code: QCI-02046    
Part no: ST16C554DIQ64-F Availability : 113 Qty: Quantity(1~113): 

ADM3251EARWZ Single-Channel RS-232 Driver/ReceiverSOIC-20 Manufacturer: ANALOG DEVICES 1~10: £4.2
RS232 Data sheet: Download 11~100: £3
Package: SOIC-20 Value: ADM3251EARWZ Up to 1000: £2.6
Order code: QCI-01897    
Part no: ADM3251EARWZ Availability :  Qty: Quantity(1~): 

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