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Express UK PCB assembly services available now

26/08/2021 07:22:27

Quick-teck always trying to provide a better service to our customer. From time to time we have been asked can you provide a quicker turnaround of your assembly services. Or can you assembly my prototypes in UK. We are pleased to inform you that we have recently setup our assembly production facilities in Royston.

Although our China-based assembly factory will still keep providing the service as normal, in the UK we are now able to provide a fast turnaround, low volume PCB circuit assembly service where we assemble your order and dispatch within 3 days after receipt of PCBs and components. Whats more, as we will already have the tooling, setup and the assembly experience of the prototype job, if you decide to move into large volumes, we can make sure the job smoothly move to our China based factory who can take over the job with minimum to no disruption.

Quick-teck online circuit assembling prices shown are fully inclusive of all tooling costs, including solder paste stencils, no more hidden charges.

Our UK based assembly capabilities can be summarised as follows:

  • * Dedicated prototype printed circuit board assembly line for a rapid route to market.
  • * More than 4000 of stocked production-ready components.
  • * Component placement from 0201 to 50mm QFP using laser vision alignment.
  • * 5 phases adjustable temperatures reflow oven.
  • * 100% visible joints will be inspected by eye or AOI (Optional).
  • * Compliance to IPC-A-610 class I standards.
  • * Program, configuration and test of completed PCB Assemblies.
  • * Semi-auto solder paste printing machine.
  • * Up to 3 days assembly time.

Here, in Quick-teck, we’re not just manufacturing and assembly– you can rely on us to be a valuable source of industry knowledge and guidance too. We will provide you with advice and support with getting your product put in to market in a short period.

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