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Our factory in China has been closed for 1 week

12/03/2022 01:08:18

-----------Updated on 21st March 2022:-------------
Our factory have fully running now.

As some of your probably know, Shenzhen in China imposed lockdown for one week from Monday 14th March. Businesses providing non-essential services have been ordered to close.

As a result of this restriction, our PCB manufacturer and assembly factory in Shenzhen is currently closed, however, the admin and customer services team are working from home. We apologise for the inconvenience. We are expecting all the current orders to be delayed by approximately 5 working days and we are temporarily only accepting laid back (16 days) orders.

The factory is aiming to be back up and running next week but we will keep you all updated when we have further information.

Our office in the UK is still running as normal and the assembly service here is continuing to run as normal.

Thanks for your understanding.

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