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Quick-teck expand components inventory in 2015

06/11/2014 17:17:34

Quick-teck expand components inventory in 2015

Quick-teck has decided to expand our electronics components inventory in 2015. £150,000 will be invested on this project. Within the next 12 months, our electronics components warehouse will have about 3000 types of components (now this amount is 1300) in store. These carefully selected components have been used in our production lines. They are easily to be purchased in China and the quality is very competitive comparing to European suppliers.  Before suggesting any new component to our customer, we test them in our own electronics products. This way, we will be family with the quality, lead time, and prices of them.

If you think to build the products in Far East, try to use our stock electronics components. You will see how easy for components sourcing and cost dropping on component sourcing.

Use the following link to check our in stock components information:


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