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PCB Assembly

With over 10 years’ experience in offering PCB assembly services in the UK, Quick-teck encompasses a wide range of component technologies from through-hole to surface mount, and complex mixed technology parts.
Our highly skilled and trained PCB design and assembly engineers can take care of any aspect of the assembly process requested – from component sourcing and mounting, to physical soldering, programming, and testing.
We keep over 4,000 electronics components in stock. These carefully selected parts are most commonly used by our assembly service customers. This ensures the integrity, traceability and cost efficiency of the components used for your job. Our experienced purchasing team work closely with all major international component suppliers such as Farnell, Future, Digi-Key, Mouser. We can purchase the parts from them on your behalf, and delivery to either our China assembly factory or UK factory upon your requests.
As a professional PCB EMS provider in the UK, we give you high quality products through our precision manufacturing and PCB assembly service when promised.
To get an instant PCB assembly service price , please use the online quote form. You can choose to assembly your PCBs in the UK or in China.

PCB Assembly:

Mechanical Assembly
Consignment Components
Fixtureless, Flying Probe Testing

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