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Quick-teck Electronics Engineering Forum launched

24/03/2013 13:50:02

Quick-teck Electronics Engineering Forum has launched with the goal of creating an online community for electronics engineers.

Electronics engineers can share their ideas, discuss technical issues or post their sourcing requirements in a non-commercial atmosphere here. Quick-teck aims to provide a professional community for sharing knowledge, information here. We don’t use this forum for any commercial or advertisement purposes.

To encourage people to use this community, £20 (up to 10% of order amount) welcome voucher will be issued once visitor register and submit his first post in this Electronics Engineering Forum. This voucher can be used for any purchase order (up to 10% of the order amount) with Quick-teck.

Similarly, use the registered ID posting here, visitors can get £20 (up to 10% of your order) voucher for every 20 valid posts. The voucher code will be sent to the registered email address automatically every time when the posts amount reaches next 20 ones (eg., 20, 40, 60 posts …).

The forum can be accessed from here: 



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