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Other PCB specifications or volume production orders?

PCB Manufacture Quote

1. Board layer:[?]
2. Quantity:[?]  (1 to 300)
3. Length in mm: [?]   (10 to 500mm)
4. Width in mm:   (10 to 500mm)
5. Base material:[?]
6. Thickness in mm:[?] 0.4   0.6   0.8   1.0   1.6   2.0   2.4
7. Copper weight:[?] 1.0oz 2.0oz
8. Solder mask:[?] only top only bottom both top & bottom no
9. Solder mask color:[?] Green Red Yellow Blue White Black
Matte Green Matte Black Purple
10. Silk screen:[?] only top only bottom both top & bottom no
11. Surface:[?] HASL (lead free)    Electrolytic Gold   OSP   Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold 
12. UL marking:[?] yes no
13. Country:
14. Repeat order[?] yes   no
15. Saving option:[?] yes   no
16. Laser stencil[?] yes   no framed stencil
17. The minimum track width/gap is smaller than 8 mill or the minimum hole size is smaller than 18mill: [?] yes   no
17.  Your PCB job conforms to our standard manufacture specification.


Lead time in Working days:[?] 9 8 7 6 5 Laid-back Price
Expected delivery date(dd/mm/yyyy)            
Price in GBP(£)            
*Lead time is considered as manufacturing time + shipping time.
*Shipping cost included in the price. No hidden extra costs.
*E-test costs are included.
*Prices exclude VAT.

Mass Production or Special Requirements

If you need high volume PCBs or have special requirements such as more than 8 layers, heavy copper, mixed copper, impedance control boards, metal-backed PCB, flexible PCBs or other options, please use fast quote form.

Need Assembly and components together with PCBs

Assembly: get on online quote here.
Components: check our inventory of over 4000 components or send us a bill of materials (BOM) and we will calculate the cost for you. To find out more about the process and what information we will need from you, check our FAQ.

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