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PCB Assembly Quote

1. Board Quantity:  (1 to 100)
2. PCB length in mm:   (10 to 500mm)
3. PCB width in mm:   (10 to 500mm)
4. BOM line numbers: [?]   (1 to 200)
5. SMT Components qty: [?]   (0 to 500)
6.Double side SMT: yes no
7. PTH Components qty:   (0 to 500)
8. Service Type: [?] Express UK assembly Standard assembly

Price in GBP(£)
Lead time in Working days:[?]
Lead time---The standard PCB manufacturing + assembly lead time is 4 weeks. Unlike PCB manufacturing service, Quick-teck don’t guarantee the delivery date for manufacturing+assembly service. Last year, the average lead time for this service is 19 working days. Customer can track the PCB manufacturing + assembly job status online. More details about the online tracking service for assembly order can be found here.
Express UK assembly---Although our China-based Assembly factory keep providing the service as normal, in the UK we provide a fast turnaround, low volume PCB circuit assembly service where we assemble your order and despatch in up to 3 days after receipt of PCB's and components. More details can be found here.
Component sourcing---If possible, we strongly suggest using our in stock components for your products. This is the most cost-effectively and quickest way to run the assembly service. Quick-teck keeps over 4000 electronics components in stock. These carefully selected parts are most common used in our Far East factory. The average price for these components is just one third of Europe suppliers.To check our in stock components, please click here.
Need PCBs too---Get on online quote for PCB manufacturing here. To find out more about the manufacturing and assembly process, check here please.

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