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Independent Design Review

Independent design review report covers:

Schematic drawing Design for Assembly
Part placement & footprint Design for Test
PCB trace routing BOM analysis
Signal integrity Thermal Analysis
Silk screen EMC and ESD
Design for Manufacture Power Integrity

Accelerating development from prototype to volume production allows new products to be brought into the market at a fast pace. Decisions made in the PCB design stage directly affect the success of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. Any issue found in the PCB design stage generally reduces the number of iterations of hardware during the NPI process.

Although production engineering review is an essential part of the PCB design stage, working to tight budgets and schedules can easily mean that designers are so focussed on the functional design itself that they can overlook other aspects. Manufacturability, reliability, standards compliance, components choosing, oversights in any of these areas can carry expensive consequences.

Quick-teck have extensive experience in delivering electronic prototypes to production for more than 15 years. Our pre-production review service allows customers to bring in an external resource for a design review, allowing a fresh set of eyes to see the engineering issues that can simply be overlooked.

An independent pre-production review report will be provided once we finish review your design files. An example of this report found here. Contact us if you think you need a fresh pair of eyes check your design..

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