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Component Sourcing:

Hard to find components
Components cross-reference
Obsolete, allocated components
Long lead time components
Compliance engineering(RoHS, CE, EMC, ESD, RFI, etc.,)

    Quick-teck started to provide its electronic component sourcing service for low-quantity orders in mid-2010 (this service was only available for mass production orders before that). Since doing this, we have built up an electronic component sourcing team in our purchasing department. This team now specialises in sourcing low-quantity components, and researching possible alternatives or substitute parts.

    Our Chinese procurement engineers have knowledge of the local culture and a complete understanding of Chinese business methods. They know price is not the only consideration. Quality, longevity of partnership, lead time, and consistency of service should rank high on the list of things to consider when making a purchase.

    For the new product/prototype orders, we only purchase the components from international suppliers in China, like Farnell, RS, Mouser, Digi-key, Arrow, Avnet, and Future Electronics. Although the price for low-quantity orders is similar to the UK price, we find that sourcing the components from China is quicker and more effective. For customers, this service means minimum stock levels, mitigating execution risk, less man-power wasted sourcing and purchasing components, faster turn around, and much more.

    If we purchase the components on your behalf, a copy of the invoice for these components can be provided for a certificate of conformity upon your request. Although we also have a lot of reliable local component suppliers in China, we only use them in the production of orders subject to samples passing a quality check.

    Customers should understand that as the component sourcing involves a lot of work, the component cost is not included in the assembly price we quoted. The component cost will be provided in the first 5 working days after you place your assembly order. For most low-quantity orders (less than 100 units), the component costs are similar to what it would be if you purchased in the UK. This cost will reduce as the quantity increases.

    In the unlikely event that the price we quoted is not acceptable to you, you can choose to provide the components yourself. In this case the lead time will start from the date when all the parts and components are received by us.

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